Special Priced Dinner Set Meals

Available for Pick or Delivery

During this COVID-19 crisis, we've found our way to continue what we love to do and that is, serving our community with food that bursts in flavours, satisfies the appetites and great for the body; while taking care of our environment by using more plant-based, organic ingredients and biodegradable packaging. Check out our special Dinner Set Meals with Mains, Side Dishes and Salads for only 89kr. 

Preorder Latest During the Day kl. 15

Pick Up or Delivery kl. 17-19 l Delivery 59 kr.

Call / Message to Order: 91 11 75 81

Mobile Pay: 88700

All our Regular Menus are available for Dine-in or Take Away Order as well! 

Regular Menu 

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