We have Temporarily

Stopped serving our Regular Menu

due to Covid-19 lockdown.

But Dinner Set Meals can

Be Purchased through Pre-Orders. 

Check out our Menu Page 

for Weekly Menu.

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for daily updates.

We look forward serving you again.

Stay healthy!


Choosing organic, premium quality and ethically sourced goods, every time we can.

This is our business. 

We, in our little cafe, think that going organic is a smart priority. We believe this is one of the ways we can help save the world - a small step towards being planet friendly and health conscious. 


Stop by for a bowl of superfoods or enjoy a cup of coffee in our humble nook - we carefully select the ingredients for you to make sure, you are served well. 

Happy to see you here.


A third space between home and the office.

If you're looking for a place to do your work or build your business idea outside your office or home, you don't need to look far away. 


Café On The Six is also designed where, people like you can tick off your tasks - like you always do, without having to burn your cash every time you are in cafes or when renting costly offices. 

We have designed a simpler approach and offers much more for the price! 

See you here!
source: Quartz

Did you know that Denmark is Top 2 in the world for organic consumption per capita? Yeah, you heard it right.  

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