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Simpler than Simple Dinner Meals - no home cooking, ready to eat. 

Plant-based food, simple ingredients, bursts in flavours. 

Whether you buy it on the day or on subscription, we'd be happy to serve you!

However, we highly recommend the Weekly Subscription to ease up your Healthy Eating Lifestyle.

01 | Choose a Day Plan (s)

Choose how many days you want to subscribe to - the menu changes every week but the concept is the same for each day.

02 | Pay

Pay with debit or credit card.

Note that you will be billed every week for the number of day(s) you

subscribed for. 

You can cancel anytime by sending us an email.

03 | Fill up Form for 

Delivery or Pick Up 

Let us know whether you want your meal(s) Delivered or Picked-up 

   Steps 1 and 2